My Philosophy 

I believe that we can eat & live well and do it with respect for both the world we live in and those that we share it with.

Boutique Catering with a Conscience

Food Prepared with Integrity and Conscience of Mind is a Passion of Mine

Chef Tim Freear

Every effort is made to source locally grown and raised food first. I highly recommend naturally raised meat & poultry, as well as sustainably sourced seafood. When using imported products, only the best quality will do. I also use Canadian suppliers first for packaging and any other items used in the day-to-day of my catering business.

I truly believe supporting Canadian artisans and businesses benefits us all. By building stronger relationships with those closer to home we have more quality control, which in turn gives us a greater opportunity for developing the future products and services we desire. Building a stronger local economy benefits both our local communities and Canada as a whole.

Support Local Artisans & Producers

Supporting our artisans builds better neighbors and a stronger local economy.

Canada has some of the best artisans in the world!

I love using their product to bring unique new flavours as well as comfortable favourites to your table. Coupled with fresh artisan bread and local preserves ..... need I say more?

Local vs. Imported Organic

Eating the freshest possible food provides so much more than just flavour.

Choose locally sourced produce whenever possible!

Locally sourced means that it is usually fresher and naturally ripened, it also has less impact on the environment than organic food that has been shipped from across the country or around the world.

Naturally Raised of Course

Supporting our artisans builds better neighbors and a stronger local economy.

Raised right is better for you and the environment!

I always urge clients to opt for naturally raised meats over organic. Naturally raised means it is fed real food and free to roam, and not feed made from organic cast off and caged while being raised.

I have focused my boutique catering towards private affairs specializing in intimate cocktail parties and dinners. Smaller gatherings allow me to exercise more creative control, so I can deliver a truly unique culinary experience outside of the traditional restaurant space.
Signature Favourites like Ontario Rack of Lamb crusted with Lemongrass and Parsley, Organic King Salmon with an Arugula Walnut Pesto, or Fresh Coconut Masala Prawns all deliver satisfaction to the most sophisticated palette.
I have also developed menus following specific dietary restrictions for some of my clients, including  Celiac, Allergies and/or Food Sensitivities to Soy, Corn, Nuts, Lactose, and Nightshades.
Having once followed both a Vegetarian and Vegan diet for several years, I have in-depth experience with creating gourmet meals that follow their guidelines, as well.

Entertain in Comfort

Entertain in an environment where you feel comfortable.

Entertaining can be stressful, part of that stress can be alleviated by being able to host your dinner or event in a space that you feel comfortable in. This gives you the opportunity to infuse your event with your own personal touch, highlight your art collection, show off your beautiful home or garden.